Every single human being depends on five things for our existence: the atmosphere, water, food, energy, and community, both in the human sense and with other species in a thriving ecosystem.  The world’s first green musical documentary explores what we’re doing to those vital resources and what we can do about it.  We can’t dance from the world we live in into one with a future without discussing a sustainable economy, or the psychological question “We know what we need to do so why aren’t we doing it?”, so we examine those, too.  It’s a guided tour in song of two very different tomorrows: the one we’re racing toward, and the one we want.  Be informed and empowered, sing along and improve tomorrow, with good news solutions for directing our fate somewhere awesome!

Premiering at the 2011 Hamilton Fringe Festival, Sustainability the Musical has been been performed at Open Streets, other public events, and on radio, and is available to theatre venues, schools, events, offices, and private functions.  Ask about a lunch and learn package with excellent food!  Teachers, click here to see how Sustainability fits into the Ontario curriculum to enhance your classroom.  Winner 2011 Hamilton Environmentalist of the Year award of merit.

Climate change is real, serious, and happening now, with visible impacts on all continents.  What do you need to know, how will it personally affect you, and what can we realistically do about it?

We expand the economy constantly, but Earth isn’t getting an inch bigger.  We already use up 1.5 planet’s worth of resources per year, but the growing chasm between rich and poor isn’t improving our lives or making us happy.   What would an economy that didn’t undervalue tomorrow look like?

Global crop yields are dropping, and every day brings 200,000 more human mouths to feed. Ten calories of declining fossil fuel energy goes into every calorie of food energy we eat.  What’s on the menu for tomorrow, and are we having any?

Two billion people (and growing) lack sufficient clean drinking water today.  Our agriculture depends on declining groundwater, and global rainfall is shifting, with more droughts here and more flooding there.  What can we do?

The International Energy Agency admits oil production peaked in 2006.  Supply is falling as demand and prices continue to rise.  Oil is an integral part of 97% of our economy.  What now?

We share our world with about ten million other species, now vanishing faster than at any time since the dinosaur extinction.  More than half of humanity lives in cities, closer together but increasingly isolated, where nature happens on tv and food might as well grow in aisle 3.  How do those worlds fit together?

87% of us agree that we need to take better care of our environment, but social and economic factors and even the very way our brains work are lined up against us.  We know how to fix tomorrow, so why aren’t we aren’t doing it?

Building ourselves a future that’s worth living is not only possible, but can reduce costs, lower stress, improve our health, and be fun.  We know how to do it and we can start today.  Mine is a message of hope!  I’m for saving tomorrow.  Want to join me? 

Sustainability the Musical is an evolving project. with alternate documentary themes including practical ways to make a real difference, the perspective of hope, and likeliest future scenarios – it’s a little like a set of local TED talks with a presenter prone to bursting into song.  Please ask questions on any sustainability topic at all. 







Sustainability the Musical seeks creative and ethical collaborators. 

This show looks at transportation and the true cost of car culture.  Not only does the average family spend $14,000 a year to drive, but cars are the leading cause of death for North Americans aged 0-34.  One single airfare can cause more climate change than eating and driving all year long added together.  How will we get where we need to be tomorrow?